Patient Transport Service - Being There, Taking Care


Medic Air European's Patient Transport Service (PTS) conveys non-emergency patients to and fro for outpatient appointments, admissions, discharges and transfers. The Service can also be hired for non-hospital requirements where the patient does not necessitate a High Dependency Ambulance but, due to their medical condition, they are unable to use other forms of transportation.

All of our PTS Ambulances have easy access ramps and, in addition to walking patients, are designed to carry wheelchair and stretcher patients in safety and comfort.

Our PTS Ambulance crews usually consist of two trained Ambulance Care Assistants (ACAs). ACAs are trained in first aid and can assist and care for patients who may have special needs. They receive full first aid training in basic life support, including oxygen therapy. Although such work does not involve the drama of high dependency duties, it is crucial to the Service and provides opportunities to support and give assistance to those in need.

Ambulance Care Assistants ensure that older patients or those who are particularly frail are transported safely and comfortably. They are responsible for the welfare of patients, both during the journey and during transfer to and from the Ambulance.

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Medic Air European, The Ambulance Station, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6TW
Tel: 01752 84790
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